Girl Spoken For
Book #1

No no one understands why 16 year old good girl Tatum Duncan has gone bad.
She's dumped her football star boyfriend.
She's attacked a bully at school.
She's shaved her long hair from the side of her head.

Nothing gives her solace . . . 

UNTIL, the sexy loner at school, Zach Bertano, confesses he's been madly in love with her for years.
With Zach at her side, she feels comfortable enough to confide her deepest secret--she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. Her head spinning, Zach confides his own secret--he's the grandson of a mob boss.
Tatum craves sympathy and understanding from Zach, but instead he opts for revenge against her attacker. Tatum realizes that she has merely traded one controlling guy for another. She has a decision to make.  

Will she "speak for" Zach, like he has "spoken for" her? Or will she walk away?

Girl Departs Three (Part 1)

Book #3

The choice was clear. Wasn’t it…?


Zach and his family made it impossible for Tatum to be his girlfriend. Nigel made it oh-so-easy for her to move on. Tatum knows Zach still dreams of one day sharing his life with her, but Nigel offers her his life now – no dreaming necessary.

With the shock of seeing Zach again, of finally meeting his mobster family, and even coming face to face with his fiancé, Tatum is convinced more than ever that Nigel is the one for her. And while Zach spends a month entertaining the fiancé that has been forced upon him by his family, why shouldn’t Tatum take her relationship with Nigel to the next level?

But when Nigel betrays Tatum, her heart is broken. What once was clear becomes dark and she finds herself by Zach’s side yet again, needing him in a way she never imagined.

Zach or Nigel?

The decision isn’t easy because Tatum has learned the hard way—

Choices last a moment. Consequences last a lifetime.


Girl Divided Two

 Book #2

Life was supposed to get easier…

At least that’s what Tatum had hoped. New school year, great boyfriend…and things with her and Zach were supposed to be wonderful. Fairy tale wonderful.

They aren’t.

Zach’s overbearing family controls his every move—and worse, they want to control Tatum. Now Zach is pressuring her to ‘speak for him’, which means she’ll not only be committed to him but also his mob family.  Where’s the guy she fell in love with? To make matters worse, her friends introduce her to Nigel, the new guy who is more tempting than Tatum wishes.

So which will Tatum give in to…coercion or temptation?