Girl Departs Three: Part 2



Youth is fleeting… Pregnant at 18, Tatum has no choice but to grow up.

She keeps the identity of her baby’s father secret while Zach is in Italy, but in his absence, their relationship becomes even more unstable . . . especially when Tatum finds out Zach’s ex-fiancée is also pregnant with his child.

Does Tatum have anyone to turn to? Nigel? Yes, he’s always been there for her but can they forgive each other and move on?

As Tatum and Nigel work to rebuild their friendship, outside threats pose danger for both Tatum and her child. Zach may have the power to protect her, but does he have the heart to be the man she’ll need?

Love might have been in front of her all along… but this time her choice will affect her baby too. Whom will Tatum finally choose? Choices last a moment. Consequences last a lifetime.


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